Alright, lady keeper of the elements...get a life. It's officially almost the END OF MARCH, and Chicago is still waking up to snow. SNOW! Whyyyyyyy. (insert distressed emoji face here) 

So, although Mother Nature hasn't got her act together, I'm determined to make it feel like spring (indoors) one way or another! Call me crazy, but poop-stained snow and lack-luster trees ain't cutting it in the inspiring department. Sista needs some SUN! and COLOR! It is no wonder why these colors alone are like a breath of fresh air…and make my smiler smilier.

BSaz Creates-Welcome Little One-Handmade Maternity Card
BSaz-Creates-Maternity Cards-Handmade-Set

These cards were part of a past stationery set I did for a maternity shop here in the city, that were actually my first handmade cards to be sold in a retail store. That was an exciting day indeed, even though I'm pretty sure my Mom and Grandma were the ones to buy them out. Ha!

I figure with the lack of budding flowers outdoors, and the growing number of baby bellies in bloom (coincidentally that's what being stuck inside well into spring will do to a couple) it was a perfect time to bring them back for all these mamma-to-be's.

Bsaz Creates-Welcome Little One-Maternity Card-Handmade
Photo & Design Property of Brittany Sazonoff

Photo & Design Property of Brittany Sazonoff