Holy Hiatus

Wowza...I've been absent from the ol' bloggy for quite some time, eh? Luckily, it's not due to an absence of work...but instead the exact opposite. I have been going going going with a lot of new and exciting projects and just haven't found the time to post often (or at all for that matter). And well, summer. Sometimes we all just gotta disconnect every once in awhile. It's allowed.

In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite moments over the past 5 weeks! 

Baby Maisy
Forever Yogurt Belmont Chicago
Chicago Kickball Face Paint Party
Bsaz Creates Chalkboards
  • Baby Maisy: As some of you may or may not know, I spend a good chunk of my week as Mary Poppins taking care of that little cutie and her two big brothers. Lately, Maisy has been rather mobile in her crib, so it's always fun to see what position she's gotten herself into post-nap. This day was a, "I woke up(side down) like this" Beyonce vibe.
  • Forever Yogurt: Anyone that knows me knows that I can only get through life if there is ice cream or a frozen treat of some sort on a daily basis. You heard me. Shake-a-day diet, until I can't any more. With that being said, you can understand my excitement when we stumbled upon this awesomely AWESOME Forever Yogurt location. Designed to look like the Belmont Red Line in Chicago, I was obsessed with the interior of this place...especially when you self-serve froyo out of the side of an EL car. Yes yes yes. 
  • NFO 2014: Every year we take a trip up to Sophie's family lake house in Clear Lake, Indiana. It's our once chance each summer to get away from the city and enjoy a weekend of lake life.
  • Annual James Brown Face Paint Party: As if playing on an adult kickball league isn't childish enough, for the past 2 years our team has hired a professional face painter to come to the field and prep us for that evenings game. This years top contenders were Sebastian's Unicorn Chestplate and Chuck's "draw me the gayest thing you can think of" rainbow...snake. Chicago Kickball at it's finest, ladies & gentlemen.
  • Chalkboards galore: Lately I have had quite a few back-to-school/chalkboard related projects under my belt that I can't wait to share more of. For now, a picture of (unintentional) drug-mimicking chalk dust will have to do. Mind out of the gutters, people! #highoncrafts

So while the summer has seemingly slipped away, and fall is right around the corner...I'm going to try and enjoy the bit of sun we still have left, while also trying to stay more up-to-date here! We'll see how that actually pans out, but a girl can dream can't she? Right on.